Technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for WordPress Websites

Incorporate Critical Elements of Technical SEO into Your Website to Avoid SEO Issues, Sandboxing & Poor Rankings

Elements of Technical SEO, Wordpress Technical Search Engine Optimization SEO issues

We grew Summer Hill Wine Shop’s website traffic by over 900%. How did we do this? By incorporating critical elements of technical SEO into their e-commerce WordPress website.

When done right, technical search engine optimisation ensures your website avoids all SEO issues such as sandboxing and poor rankings.

• What is technical search engine optimisation?
• Why is technical SEO important?
• How does technical SEO benefit websites (and businesses)?

Read on to discover the critical elements of technical SEO and how we can help boost your:

• Website traffic.
• Conversions.
• Return on investment.

The Everchanging Elements of Technical Search Engine Optimization SEO

The ever-changing world of technical search engine optimisation can seem daunting. However, when you live and breathe SEO as we do, changes in technical, on page and off page SEO are a normal part of each day.

We uphold all SEO best practices (also known as white hat SEO). White hat SEO is ethical, expertly implemented and reliable(*1).

Why Do SEO Elements Change?

Google constantly updates SEO requirements to reflect the ever-changing needs and expectations of internet users. The whole point of SEO is to improve the user experience. SEO helps users save time, find what they are looking for faster, and get what they are looking for delivered quickly.

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What is Technical Search Engine Optimisation? Why is it Important?

Technical search engine optimisation (SEO) primarily concerns a website’s architecture. It is the structural and technical foundation of the website. Technical SEO ensures search engines can crawl and index your website(*2).
If websites cannot be crawled and indexed, they are excluded from search results.
If a website is not in search results, it may as well not exist on the internet.

What are the Most Common Technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Issues?

Top 10 Organic Technical SEO Infographic Guide

Here are the top 10 issues we see most often in websites we are either refreshing or rewriting.

1. Crawling.

Does your website have a sitemap, correct metadata, and strong internal links?

2. Indexing.

What pages should search engines index and offer in their search results?

3. Responsiveness.

Is your website adapted to load quickly and clearly for mobile and tablet users?

4. Speed.

Does your website load quickly and does it satisfy the SEO requirements for loading time?

5. Back-end Code

Is the code used on the website SEO friendly?

6. Content.

Is the content duplicated elsewhere on your website or anywhere else on the internet? Duplicated content is harshly penalised as it often means the content has been copied from other websites.

7. Link Building.

Are the links directing traffic to your website credible? Do they have good domain authority?

8. Navigation.

Can website visitors navigate around your website easily? Can they easily access all the information they may need from you? Is it easy to find your contact details?

9. Image Optimisation.

Are images optimised and are there accessibility alternatives i.e., for sight-impaired people?

10. Redirects.

All redirects should be 301 redirects. 404 errors do not link to new URLs and do not contribute positively to your new web pages and websites.

How Does Technical SEO Benefit Websites (and Businesses)?

All three areas of search engine optimisation are important. If you were building a house, technical SEO is the structure and the foundation. When done well, it will be a powerful base you can rely on for years to come. SEO improves the user experience which ultimately translates into more enquiries and conversions.

Why WordPress? It is the Best Platform for Excellent Technical SEO

Elements of Technical SEO, resolving issues via code reconstruction

WordPress is the most popular website building platform (content management system) in the world for good reason. It upholds SEO best practices which contributes to websites ranking well on search results pages(*2).

Almost half (43%) of the websites on the world wide web are WordPress sites. In second place is Shopify at 4.5% and then Wix at 1.9%(*3).

For a website to be found on the internet, it must have excellent SEO and content. WordPress provides the absolute best digital architecture for our teams to create the best quality websites for our clients.

WordPress Usability:

Once we have everything set up, we can (and do) easily teach our clients how to maintain their websites well into the future.

Popular websites such as Grammarly, Dell, Bloomberg, GoDaddy, TED, CNN, Spotify, and Ali Baba (to name a few) all have WordPress websites(*3,4).

Let Us Grow Your Website Traffic by 900%

The combined brain power, knowledge and experience of Top 10 Organic SEO are guaranteed to set you up with a brilliant online presence.

Let’s start building your website today! Contact us right now by phone (02 9569 6580), email or via our website.



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