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“We’ve been building brands well before the internets’ inception. Our experience has carried over into the World Wide Web. This skill combined with a strong knowledge of digital marketing and optimisation gets our clients on page 1 every time.”

Senka | Creative Director, Digital Marketer, Data Analyst

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Australia’s Most Prominent Organic Search Engine Optimisation Team!

How has a small SEO Sydney company become the secret ingredient for business owners and companies around the world?

• Organic Search Engine Optimisation
• Suite of SEO Services and Web Design
• Real People Led by Company Founder, Senka
• SEO Services Customised for Every Client
• Client ROI with Long-term Results

With our complete online service, you’ll be on your way to number one and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

4 Things We Know About You:

1) You are ready to ‘level up’ your business by giving it an effective online presence.
You don’t have the technical expertise or time to get into the nitty gritty back end work.
You want to lead your industry, but you don’t want to pay for advertising with no decent return on investment ROI.
4) You were ready yesterday to take your share of the US $31 billion that Australians spend online annually (*1).

Within a year we had achieved our target of growing our domestic consumer business to be 50% of our business

Neil Freeland / GM, Gosford Quarries

Whether your goals are similar to Gosford Quarries or something entirely different, we can help.

• Not getting orders on your website or noticed a decline in sales?
• Need a website or current website needs to be upgraded and modernised?
• Do you want to innovate, be a part of the global shift to e-commerce and bid farewell to working 9-to-5?

Goals for your online presence are achievable with the experienced and professional Top 10 Organic SEO team.

According to the Australian Retailers Association, small businesses expect online sales to account for 46% of their income within three years(*2). Their predictions align with consumer data which shows 65% of shoppers (consumers and other business) expect business to have an online presence(*2).

From social media, PPC, email campaigns, SEO to website design and even e-commerce security – it is no wonder 1 in 3 business owners are struggling with digital marketing(*3). We get it! This is what we do every day. It is our job to take care of your online presence and digital marketing so you can focus on running your business and managing the leads we bring in.

When SEO and digital marketing is managed well, your website, products and services can be delivered to millions of people every day. Across Australia, 83% of business owners say their digital marketing efforts help them(*4):

• Bring in new (and increase return) customers.
• Boost profits and return on investment.
• Raise brand awareness and help them stand out from competitors. 

We have worked with global brands and local business. No matter how big or small the project, we give it our all and adapt to each client with customised services specific to their needs. Our team stays on top of technologies, algorithms, and trends as they emerge. Our work depends on you having a successful business. We will see to it that your online presence is not just successful, but stands apart from your competitors.

Business since Senka re-did the website three years ago has doubled easily and continues to grow

Kyle Fairhall / Pymble Hi Fi

Through the experience of founder Senka and the team, Top 10 Organic SEO have developed an unparalleled approach to on page and off page SEO services. This is why we are so many businesses best kept secret and why our work is reaching across the globe.

We get excited when a client starts off with zero search engine visibility because we not only thrive with a challenge, but we know how happy they will be once we get to work at doing what we do best. In saying that, even we surprise ourselves with how incredible the results can be with return on investment.

Organic SEO service map

Australian Business Success Relies on a Quality Web Presence

Australians love a good holiday road trip but not to pick up supplies or find a business. Your customers in Sydney do not know your business even exists nearly 4,000km away in Perth.

The geography of Australia puts thousands of kilometres between your future customers and businesses they are looking for. Those who have invested in their websites know the value of on page and off page SEO and are seeing huge results by broadening their clientele from their postcode to the entire country and abroad.

400+% ROI  >> What would a 400+% return on investment do for you and your business? Expansions? More staff to take pressure off you? Time off with the family?

SEO Success chart over time - search engine optimisation sydney, brisbane, melbourne, australia

If you do nothing about your online presence, your business has no chance of doing well online and loses daily opportunities to bring in new customers. If your website has been lucky enough to have reached even the top 10 positions of page 1 of Google results, you’ll be luckier yet to stay there and not fall further behind.

The website has been a great success for us with emails and enquires throughout Australia and world-wide

Kyle Fairhall / Pymble HiFi

SEO + Website Design = Traffic + Conversions

Our SEO services include all back-end technical updates that make the cogs of your website move. Before you can consider SEO, you need a quality, well-oiled website that has been made with the visitor in mind – and which showcases the hard work you have put into your business.

Some people believe that websites aren’t necessary, while some believe it is only a small part of a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, those people are losing more business than they realise and if it’s not already impacting their bottom line, it will be soon. The state of services and commerce in Australia and abroad is and has been moving online for some time.

Businesses without a website are losing the 80% of people who research where they are going before they’ve left the house.

Consumers and those looking for services look online first, and they expect to find what they’re looking for. Websites must be:

Informative • Intuitive • Fast  • Aesthetically Appealing

Websites must be responsive to the user. The benefits of responsive design on web pages are many and include:

• The user experience is made efficient. No time wasted.
• The user has a satisfactory experience no matter what device they are accessing your website on.
• Positively impacts Google ranking.

SEO is as important and for some, arguably more important than website design or layout. Without effective SEO, your website is lost amongst the billions of others without SEO. The Top 10 SEO Sydney team are across design, development, content creation, SEO and more.

Do Mobile Sites Really Matter?

We talk about Google rankings and how they are critical for website success often. However, the only way is (not always) up. Google penalises websites for things like duplicated (plagiarised) content and non-responsive sites. Every piece of written content on your website must be 100% unique – not copied from anywhere else. It also must load quickly and properly on desktop and mobile devices (phones, tablets).

The websites getting traction and seeing results are responsive across devices and platforms – and they are ready to respond to changes in consumer behaviour.

We can now get into our cars, walk into our homes, or talk to our phones directly to find information, turn the lights on, get directions, order dinner, write shopping lists, and much more. The marriage of voice search and SEO is well and truly here.

Are you working with a team who can prepare you to embrace the latest developments (and those just around the corner)?

Are you working with a team who has their finger on the button (quite literally) of Google’s roll-outs to changes in their algorithm?

Top 10 Organic SEO Search in Sydney Australia are excited about what the future will bring and thrilled at the prospect of helping their clients respond and adapt where necessary as needed for their unique businesses.

Top 10 SEO’s websites are integrated with features that work harmoniously across devices thus boosting Google rankings.

Top 10 Organic SEO in Sydney are a team of hard-working individuals with diverse talents. We put you and your business first!

Nearly all of us love a bargain but what we are not willing to compromise on is quality. Around the world you will find plenty of SEO companies promising you results for a penny. What they’re not telling you is your website will be a cookie cutter copy of someone else’s, have a clunky back-end, won’t have long-lasting SEO or original content. You may see a slight increase to your Google ranking but sadly it won’t last long.

When we take on a project, we do it right the first time and we are proud of that.

Your Free Website Analysis

We’ve covered a lot of information in order to give you a little bit of insight into what we do. We could go on writing for days and still wouldn’t have shared all our knowledge.

What we can do is provide you with [a free website analysis and quote]. The analysis looks at everything we’ve already mentioned and much more, giving you a full overview of areas to be improved upon. Take the analysis to your business partners, board or committee. If you have any questions, we are here to answer them.

Call us today on +61 2 95696580 to find out more, or email me.

Visit our Services page on this link to find out the many ways we can help you to be found.

Page one ranking is achievable and it is where we intend to see you. It is our expertise that will get you there. We have no power over Google’s algorithms, and you can’t pay for page one organic results. It is our experience and expertise that get our clients to page one and we are more than happy to guarantee our work.

No matter how Google’s algorithms evolve, there are five foundations which remain the same. Changes may be made on top of these for an extra boost to rankings.

  1. Content is 100% unique and plagiarism free.
  2. Keyword mapping and strategic use of selected keywords.
  3. Meta-tags (code) are used appropriately and clearly.
  4. A responsive website that loads quickly across devices.
  5. The website should be built for offline and online use.

A full team of experts are required to be able to put together all of these points. As each part comes along, you’ll see not only a brilliant website but an excellent website getting ranked well by Google.

100% yes. Not only should a reputable SEO company be transparent with you, but they should also be prepared to give you a full breakdown of the work they have done and answer any questions you have about it. We don’t believe there is any value in bombarding our clients with ‘tech-speak’ that may as well be another language.

What you should expect: A transparent, detailed process where you are a part of the journey. The work carried out at the start of the project will be much different from the work done for your online presence months later.

Once the project is under-way, we put together reports at the end of the month. The first report can take five weeks as we need to give Google some time to index the website and collate its report which we will then review and add to our report. The beauty of these reports is they give a constant sneak peak into the coverage the website is getting; what areas need amendments and which areas are doing well.

No way. We have in-house developers and will never surprise you with an extra cost to get technical work done on your website. The other benefit of having them in-house is that if we have any technical problems along the way, they can jump straight in and fix it. Our entire team work together to put your business as a priority.

We are not going to lock you into a contract. We wouldn’t appreciate that and don’t expect you to. You and the team would work together to an agreed timeline and you’d be updated throughout the entire process. We are confident that our work, transparency and professionalism are enough. The control over the continuation of the project is ultimately yours.

Link building is all about having other websites link to your website through back-links, but they must be of quality. For example, you could have 50 websites link back to your website but if they’re all low quality and low ranked websites, your ranking will not only drop, but Google may penalise you. If you have, for example, 5 top quality back-links, your ranking is going to be vastly better than the 50 low-quality links. It is all about quality, not quantity. Link building is almost number one in the factors that have the most influence on a Google ranking.

Three seconds is all it takes for someone to leave your website. A website that loads slowly is akin to walking into the supermarket after Christmas. The shelves are empty, and you don’t know when they’ll be re-stocked, so you try somewhere else.

The term for this is ‘bounce rate’. When you are analysing your website, it is critical to look at your bounce rate. How many people are visiting your website and leaving as quickly as they arrived? Web pages which load quickly receive the nod from Google and are indexed as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


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