What Is Digital Content Creation?

How Does it Link to an SEO Marketing Strategy?

Digital content creation is the strategic marketing of content specific to your industry. It evokes interest, credibility, and trust in your business. This is the core of a successful SEO content marketing strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and circulation of useful digital content(*1). It is a key element of both digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Back in the early 1900s Robert Collier, a well-respected American copywriter and philosopher set a new task for the salesperson(*2). He directed salespeople to:

• Be a part of the customer’s life.
• Be a part of what they are talking about.
• Create content that aligns with the thoughts and values of the target audience.

What is Digital Content Creation, SEO and Content Creation, What is Content Marketing Strategy Services? Your Road to Success
1932 Jello-O Print Ad - What is Digital Content Creation, SEO and Content Creation in the modern world

Jell-O Increased their sales by $1 million+

How did Jell-O increase their sales by over $1 million between 1904 and 1906? They knocked on the doors of American homes and gave each one a free cookbook. The cookbook was full of new and interesting recipes, as well as boasting Jell-O’s business and brand. As you can see with the image to the left;

“Try the New Jell-O. You make it without boiling water. 48 New Jell-O Recipes.”

In Australia, a similarly personalised idea was struck by Vegemite.

During World War II, Vegemite released a print proclaiming ‘Vegemite is with the Troops.’ This is a perfect example of a brand showing they are a part of the customer’s life and what they are talking about.

The year was 1937. The Great Depression was holding it’s ground and World War II was knocking at the door. The country was in economical free-fall with the worst unemployment numbers. Day-to-day, the people were really finding it hard. Vegemite wasn’t yet a household staple and the company had been struggling to make a name for itself. They did something out of the ordinary – asked Australians to write a limerick for the chance to win some fabulous prizes (even a car!). Australians responded to the happy promotion in droves and sent Vegemite on the upward trajectory we are now familiar with.

Winning a new car was certainly worth the conversation and the chance to be creative in an otherwise low part of history. Vegemite ‘aligned with the thoughts and values of the target audience’ and never looked back.

Delivering content that is engaging and useful engages customers and clients and it also builds trust and credibility. As each new layer of expert content is released by you, an additional layer proving you are a force in your industry is built. This growth of loyalty can turn into a steam train of enquiries and conversions.

Content marketing is not about pushing products or spamming people with ads. Content should be of value to the customer and delivered consistently over the long term. For example, helpful tips, quality information, or entertainment. Delivery should vary from text, images, videos to podcasts, and so on. If you are a mechanic, a great blog post would be ‘how to maintain your car between services.’ You could also record a short video on the ‘top 3 tips on selecting the right tyre for your vehicle’. The options are endless!

1942 Vegemite is with the troops advertising, SEO and Content Creation in the modern world

 Image credit: Wolseley. Rare World War Two advertisement for Vegemite in the window of the old General Store in Wolseley. By denisbin. Flickr. 2016.

The Top 6 Benefits of a Quality Digital Content Creation Strategy

Howard Gossage Quote Advertising Innovator, SEO and Content Creation, What is Content Marketing Strategy Services?

1 > Boost revenue and conversions(*1).
2 >
Attract new visitors to your business and retain your existing customer base.
3 >
Build trust and rapport with your audience.
4 >
Increase enquiries and interest.
5 >
Highlight your industry knowledge and establish credibility(*1).
6 >
Improves SEO.

Two Key Elements to Construct a Robust and Compelling Content Strategy

Include these two elements in order to reach, engage and keep your niche market

  1. Content of Value– You could publish an assortment of colourful diagrams and fancy articles or you could release content that is of value. Content for content’s sake will not do. Here are some examples: Brewery company releases tips on how best to brew at home or how best to use malt in the at-home brew is going to do much better than a brewery releasing data on sales (albeit if cleverly designed). The difference between content of value and content for the sake of it is what you are giving to your audience (and future customers). If your wife walks into a craft store and is handed a leaflet on how to make her own quilt rather than what is on special she will feel more valued (plus she probably already knows what is on sale).
  2. Showcase Your Voice– Content of value showcases your expertise. Content that showcases your voice tells your audience and customer base what makes you YOU. What kind of experience should your customer expect to have with your business? What makes you an industry leader? Taking on the local market or going global? Fresh into business or an old hand? All of this and more is delivered through a solid content marketing strategy.

A Successful SEO Strategy Includes Digital Content Creation

Digital content creation is a key element of content marketing and successful SEO strategies. Without quality content, things like website rankings, link building, engagement, and reputation management cannot happen. This is why quality content is essential for all SEO strategies.

Content Marketing Boosts Sales

Jelly Company Increases Sales by More Than $1 million

You read that right. The American brand Jell-O was an early pioneer of content marketing. Their sales prove just how effective it is. Between 1904 and 1906, Jell-O sales exceeded $1 million(*3).

How did they do this? They knocked on the doors of American homes and gave each one a free cookbook. The cookbook was full of new and interesting recipes that just ‘happened’ to be produced by Jell-O(*2). Their cookbooks are still distributed however, as the company moves with the times, they are now available for digital download.

What you will already know about traditional advertising methods is that they are oftentimes a hard sell. It is quite the opposite of content marketing.

Jelly Company Increases Sales, SEO and Content Creation, What is Content Marketing Strategy Services?

Image credit: Topaz Parfait (1). By Joel Kramer. Flickr. 2015

Hard Sells and Traditional Advertising – Are They Still Relevant?

Traditional advertising is not going anywhere however, it must be kept in balance. Traditional advertising methods are costly, often overlooked and struggle to reach the target audience.

We pick up a magazine or go to a website to find content – not advertisements. We stream TV, movies, and sports (avoiding ads). When we play back a recorded show, we skip the ads. Billboards often just contribute to the noise of the city. They rarely catch our eye, let alone stop us on our way to work, picking up the kids or shopping.

The strategic marketing of content specific to your industry that evokes interest, credibility and trust in your brand and business is the core of content marketing.

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