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“I Need International SEO for My Small Business Website!” We Heard You

Why is SEO so important?

Organic SEO Services that deliver results. Our team have put together the ABCs of SEO in order to help you boost your SEO understanding and our SEO services. We write content that perfectly reflects the keywords the visitor is using to do their research.

Content written strategically can have a magnetic effect on your website, bringing you the clients you are searching for. We also cover search engine friendly websites, quality link creation and showcasing the individuality of a business through their online presence. With over two decades of experience, we offer a unique service that builds into a healthy, long lasting business relationship.

Aside from the fact that it is free advertising, every website that wants to be found, needs to be SEO rich.

SEO is classed as inbound marketing, bringing clients to you from the internet. Effective SEO increases online coverage from organic traffic which results in top search engine results which you don’t need to pay for. Technical and creative skills are required (as well as loads of experience) to effectively apply an SEO strategy. Simultaneously, SEO boosts website traffic and website ranking on search engine results pages (SERP).

SEO should be considered during website development, design and delivery. This includes optimisation of the back and front ends, in technical elements of website design; and how text is used in website content and in external links. This ensures search engines understand the website, index it correctly and list it in search results.

SEO is to a website what Batman is to Robin, Best SEO Services Company Sydney, Search Engine Optimisation in Sydney. SEO is to a website what Batman is to Robin, Best SEO Services Company Sydney, Search Engine Optimisation in Sydney.

It isn’t all about search engine results though. When a website is properly integrated with SEO, it means that it is responsive across devices. In other words, no matter what device a person is using, they can still find, access and interact with a website. In a survey of 4,000 people (Search Engine Land) mobile phone searches made up more than half of the daily searches conducted (compared to desktop, tablet etc). With mobile commerce growing every year, mobile and tablet friendly websites are a must. At Organic SEO, we understand that SEO can be complex and that is why we have a range of SEO services that we include as part of the work we do. SEO is to a website what Batman is to Robin. Both are needed and one doesn’t do so well without the other. Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are synonymous with ‘search engine’. According to Global Stats – Stat Counter, Google is dominating the search engine market share with over 94% of people using Google in Australia and worldwide. Visitors can also be driven to websites from social media and many say this form of search is on the rise.

Search engines are where it all starts. When you don’t have the website address (URL) you’re going to enter generic keyword phrases (also known as search queries) into Google or another search engine to find that website.

So, what are you going to see on a search engine results page (SERP) and where do you want to be?

In this example we searched for ‘Sydney florist’.

Following the map are the top organic search results. These are the sites that have integrated SEO, built up content of value, utilised social media and developed their website to be friendly to the user no matter what device they are using, with quality backlinks. These guys have nailed it! People trust the top organic search results as most people know the results at the top of the page are sponsored, paid for and didn’t earn their position.

There is no doubt that without a ranking on the first page, your business will miss out. Remember, people can be accessing your business at any time, any day, in any country around the world. Your online presence is quite possibly your hardest working salesman and customer service representative. Working on your online presence is invaluable.

Don’t get lost amongst the 1.94 billion websites and don’t miss out on being listed in the world’s 5 billion (per day) Google searches! (Stevens 2019)

What happens if my site doesn’t have SEO?

• Site remains unknown.
• Receives no traffic.
• Makes no conversions.
• Wastes your time.

My site has SEO so why am I still not coming up in search results?

• SEO may not be correctly integrated.
• You may be getting algorithm penalties from Google
• You may not be applying SEO across your entire online presence.
• You may be checking your ranking too soon after changes have been made.

Search engines and their algorithms are very clever however they still need our input.

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