Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Solutions and Services for Small or Medium Sized Business Owners

Are You Using Google Maps & Google My Business in Your Local SEO Strategy?

Local SEO Solutions, Google Maps Local Search Engine Optimisation
How do you attract local business using local search engine optimisation (SEO)? Small business owners that are not yet optimised for local SEO are missing golden opportunities to be discovered by customers searching on mobile and desktop. Our local SEO solutions and services are designed specifically for small business in Australia. We will get you listed in local search results through Google Maps, Google My Business and high-quality website and content optimisation.


Ranking your business in local search results is possible. We will help you get there!

What Is Local Search Engine Optimisation? How Does it Work?

Local SEO Solutions, Google Maps Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO offers any business a way to use their website as a location-specific lead generating tool that works 24/7. It uses location technology to provide the most relevant local results for online searches with local intent.

For example, if a person searches for ‘electrician Sydney,’ Google will assume they are looking for an electrician in Sydney and will provide them with a list of local electrician’s websites, locations, and contact details.

Why is Local Search Engine Optimisation Important for Small Business Owners?

• 82% of people are searching online before walking into a store or office(*1).

If you are not listed in search results, people simply will not know your business exists.

Almost 50% of searches on Google have local intent(*2). In other words, on average, 1 out of 2 people are searching online for a local service or product.

Working in traditional advertising and digital marketing for years has allowed us the privilege of directly experiencing what works and what does not, for our small business clients. We can confidently say that local SEO is by far, one of the most successful forms of online inbound marketing for Australian small business owners.

Introducing the Local Pack From Google

Think of the internet as a giant Yellow Pages. Search engine result pages (SERPs) offer shoppers a list of local business’ that match their search terms. Google calls this list the ‘local pack.’ See the local pack results that Google provided for the search term, ‘lawyer Sydney’ below right as an example.

Organising a business dinner in Sydney? Here are the local pack results for the search term ‘best place for a business dinner in Sydney.’ These business’ do not appear by accident. Their websites and online presence have been optimised for general and local SEO.

Top 3 search results, Local SEO Solutions, Google Maps Local Search Engine Optimisation,
Top three search results, Local SEO Solutions, Google Maps Local Search Engine Optimisation,

Local Search Engine Optimisation Solutions: What We Do

(Including Google Maps and Google My Business)

When we are optimising a website for local SEO, we employ general SEO techniques plus the three core areas Google algorithms base their local rankings on(*3).

  1. Relevance.
  2. Distance.
  3. Prominence.

We cannot change the distance between your business and someone who is searching online for a local service or product. However, we can ensure your business is seen as relevant and prominent in the eyes of Google. Relevance can be achieved with high-quality local SEO while prominence requires a mixture of general and local SEO methods. To rank in a local search your:

• Business must be physically located near the person conducting the search.
• Website must be well optimised with regularly updated content. A blog is a terrific way to stay current.
• Optimised with local search terms and local data.

Google Maps and Google My Business

When we are optimising your business for local SEO, we ensure you are listed in both Google Maps and Google My Business. There are other directories we also target depending on your business type.

Local SEO Basics: Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) and Operating Hours

Google My Business SEO Services for Small Business top three search results

Many websites often miss the basics such as their name, address, phone number (NAP), and operating hours. Search engines (and potential customers) need to know who you are, where to find you and how and when to contact you.

Have a look at your website right now. Is it easy to find your NAP and operating hours on each page? Can mobile users click on your address and be taken to Google Maps or click on your phone number to call you directly? These (and many more) are all things Google factors in when offering results in searches.

To be listed in search engine results, your website and online presence must be optimised. Search engines such as Google need to be able to understand your website and view it as a site that is of high quality and high relevance to the shopper for it to be displayed to them.  

This is where we come in. Contact us today to get your website ranking in local search successfully!


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