Is Your Business Benefiting From the Advantages of Email Marketing?

Advantages of Email Marketing Management Services for Small Business.

Affordable, simple, and results-driven email marketing management services for small businesses. That is what Organic SEO Search offers (and more). In addition to our search engine optimisation services that guarantee a page one result, we also develop and deliver impactful email marketing campaigns.

To benefit from the advantages an effective email marketing campaign can have on business, campaigns must be:

• Relevant to your client base.
• Of value. For example, the email should provide helpful information or exclusive access to early release products, services or discounts.
• Delivered on time no matter what time zone customers are in.
• In accordance with Australia’s strict anti-spam laws.
• Easy to read and quick to load.
• Mobile friendly.

Are you one of the 64% of small businesses using email marketing to reach your current and future customers?(*1) If not, let’s get you started.

If you have tried email marketing previously, what worked and what didn’t? We can help you level up your e-marketing efforts. Save time and increase return on investment with the Organic SEO Search team.

What is Email Marketing (E-Marketing)?

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All About Email Marketing Campaigns and It’s Advantages

Email marketing is the digital version of direct mail marketing. Rather than designing and printing mail to post, email marketing is delivered exclusively online to email recipients.

Expertly crafted emails keep businesses connected with customers thus keeping your business brand in the forefront of people’s minds. The biggest advantage of e-marketing is how conversions can be completed within minutes of a recipient opening an email. Compared to direct mail marketing, the process between design, delivery and conversion can all be completed within the day.

23.6 out of 25.93 million Australians use the internet every day(*2).

Of those, 23.6 million Australians, just under 70% use either Gmail or Microsoft Outlook for their emails(*3).

Three Keys to B2B and B2C Email Marketing Management

How to Measure Email Marketing Success

How many emails do you generally open in your inbox? Australians open more emails than any other region in the world(*4).

When measuring the success of your email marketing efforts, the whole picture should be looked at. Every stage is essential in building the brand story and providing a positive customer experience.

1 > Open rate.
2 > Click through rate.
3 > Conversions.

Email Open Rate

First, how many people are opening your emails? When emails lay unread or deleted in inboxes, the sender (you) is missing out on a valuable opportunity to have their message heard. Organic SEO Search have helped small business owners reach their target audience for decades. We specialise in professional, classy, relatable content – and emails that people want to open.

Australians open one out of every five emails in their inbox(*4).

• Of the emails opened, 3.1% of Aussies click on a link within the email(*4).

Email Click Through Rate

The second key is giving the reader a reason to visit your website or social media page. We are not just happy with the average national click through rate of 3.1%. We aim to surpass this average by giving readers valuable ‘click worthy’ content and offers they can’t resist finding out more about.

Conversions From Email Marketing

The third key – and the ultimate goal is a conversion. Whether the goal of the email marketing campaign is more phone calls to your business, online sales, or something else – our job is to make it a reality. By partnering with you and learning about the points of difference of your business, and your style and brand, we can create captivating and relevant emails that get:

Opened and read. > Clicked on. > Conversions.
Contact us for more information or a quote tailored to your needs and industry.

Email Marketing Optimisation for Mobile

Advantages of Email Marketing Management Services for Small Business. Leading the way with research

150 billion emails are sent everyday around the world(*5).

Are you one of the 80% of small businesses sending email advertising that is not optimised for viewing on mobile devices?(*1)

Chances are the emails you send are going to be opened on a mobile device(*6). It is imperative that every email sent displays correctly on mobile devices.

Emails opened in Gmail on a mobile device compared to desktop look different. The same goes for emails opened in Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo and other email services.

Why Does the Layout and Display of Emails Change Between Mobile and Desktop View?

The change in display makes it easier for mobile users to read their emails. Extra care and expertise are needed to ensure emails do not look disjointed or scrambled when they are opened.

Partner with Organic SEO Search for impactful email marketing campaigns that convert. Our email marketing management services are suitable for all B2C and B2B target markets.

Discover more services that can help your business reach more customers.



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