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Senka, the owner of Top 10 Organic SEO and principal digital marketing consultant leads one of Sydney’s most successful teams. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of how to design and implement strategy frameworks in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We assist business both small and large across industries with expert consulting services and tailored solutions. Our focus is you, your business, customers, and results.

70% of business’ are working on their digital strategies (or already have one). Are you one of them?(*1)

Organic Seo and Digital Marketing Consultant Sydney, Digital Strategy consulting Services.
Digital Marketing Consultant Sydney, Organic Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Strategy consulting Services.

Achieve Business Goals with a Transformative Digital Strategy

• Boost customer engagement.
• Enhance customer satisfaction.
• Foster customer loyalty and customer advocates.
• Attract leads and make more sales.
• Increase brand awareness.
• Bolster business growth.
• Improve communication.
• Polish and maintain your online reputation.
• Avoid common pitfalls.

SEO and Digital Marketing Consulting Services

What is SEO and Digital Marketing? How Can a Consultant Help?

SEO and digital marketing have been at the core of business strategies for some years. With the added element of lockdowns, the pressure to go digital has skyrocketed(*2). Business’ that successfully implement digital services are reaping the benefits. So, what are SEO and digital marketing, and how can a consultant help you?

At the core of SEO and digital marketing is the customer.

• How do customers currently interact with, perceive, and promote your brand or business?
• What is the most effective way to build brand loyalty and ultimately increase ROI?

This is where the knowledge and expertise of digital consultants becomes invaluable. Confidently move forward with your business goals.

Succeed Across a Range of Digital Platforms

In addition to designing and delivering digital strategies, we also provide a thorough analysis of results. SEO techniques and digital marketing strategies are incorporated across all online platforms including:

• Social media campaigns.
• Content marketing strategy.
• Email campaigns.
• On page and off page SEO.
• Technical SEO.
• Website design and development.
• Google Ads (pay-per-click).

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How Can We Help?

Before we design and implement an impactful long-term vision, we will sit down with you to:

• Get to know you and your business.
What do you do? Who do you service? What drives you?

Digital Marketing Consultant Sydney, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Strategy consulting Services.

• Understand the business culture(*3).
What are your values? How do you and your staff represent the company? Are you a hip, light-hearted brand or are you more refined?

• Find out what your goals are.
Where do you want to be in one month, 12 months or 10 years? What challenges do you want to overcome?

We will then develop a digital business strategy suitable for company-wide implementation. Digital strategies are a part of both short and long-term plans. As such, we offer affordable, tailored packages to ensure you succeed with your strategy.

Organic Top 10 SEO - Digital Marketing Infographic

Why Do I Need a Digital Consultant? Here are 6 Reasons

Seo and Digital Marketing Consultant Sydney, Digital Strategy consulting Services.

To be successful in a competitive landscape, no matter the industry, digital consultants are invaluable. Partnering with a digital consultant, (otherwise known as a digital advertising guru) is beneficial in many ways. Here are just some:

1. People will be able to find you as you will rank higher in Google searches. 

As a result of the engaging, quality content published on your site and keyword optimisation, more people will find you online. More people = more transactions. We are the SEO professionals in Sydney and throughout Australia and internationally.

2. Customers will turn into advocates for your business. 

You’ve done the hard work in creating a brilliant business. Now is the time to broadcast your business on the web and let people know about it. Your customers will be excited about the engaging, quality content you regularly publish. As a result, they’re going to share their excitement with their online communities even before they receive your products or services.

3. We will analyse and research your competition. 

Competitor analysis and research allow us to become fully informed on what they are doing well and not so well. This research will fuel our consulting and help you eclipse your industry. You will continue running a brilliant business and we’ll take care of the competition when we partner with you.

4. Your website will get a refresh (just like the major companies). 

Your competitors likely refresh their websites regularly to keep up with Google’s ever-changing webmaster quality guidelines. By providing customers with a clean, modern, fast, and professional site to visit, your conversion rates will increase. The last thing you want is to be found and then lose customers because of a messy, cluttered, slow loading website.

5. We will see to it that your online reputation is clean. 

We will clean up your online reputation and show you how to stay on top of this. Our digital consultants know that anyone can make a post and sometimes it isn’t right – sometimes it isn’t even true. Some companies also pay people to bring their competition’s reputation down. Not on our watch!

6. You will be backed by a great team.

Our digital consulting agency has been taking on the challenges of the world wide web for over two decades. Our experience, expertise and skills are at your disposal.

Call Senka, Organic Top 10 SEO’s founder and principal strategist now on (02) 9569 6580 (or message online).

We would love to hear from you and find out how we can help your business grow and succeed online.



*1. Dilmegani, C. 85+ Digital Transformation Stats From Reputable Sources. AI Multiple. 2021.
*2. Tech Republic. Research: Digital Transformation Plans Shift Due to COVID-19. 2021.
*3. Groysberg, B, Lee, J, Price, J & Yo-Jud Cheng, J. The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture. Harvard Business Review. 2018.


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