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SEO and digital marketing are multi-faceted – and so are we. We have shared in the successes of hundreds of customers worldwide. Every single client is valued and receives dedicated attention. Packages are designed for your unique business and your specific goals, needs, and budget. From SEO reports, comprehensive online marketing, and drastic improvements to Google My Business rankings – we are a one-stop-shop. While other marketers have come and gone, our team have been key partners to businesses and companies since the time of the flash website (1990’s).

Let’s build great partnerships and boost your success together! Read on to learn about:

• Meet our prior customers and see what they have to say.
SEO reports and reviews.
Tailor-made packages for start-ups and newly emerging businesses.
Tailor-made packages for established businesses.
Online reputation management.

5 things that make up a successful online presence.

Our Past Clients

Although we have been flat out, we have taken some time to capture the stories of some of our clients. They jumped at the opportunity to share their experiences and successes and we are very happy to see them all doing so well.

Meet some of our prior customers.

SEO Client Report – Do Your Current SEO Strategies Need Reviewing?

Has your online presence been reviewed recently? Are you experiencing a drop in sales or walk-ins? All the big brands review their online presence regularly (two-four times per year)(*1) to ensure they are still fresh in the minds of previous customers and to attract future customers. No matter what size business you are, this is important.

Do you already have an in-house marketing team? Need independent experts to provide a second opinion and a fresh look at your marketing? We can help to either put your mind at ease or offer constructive feedback. With years of expertise and experience, we can give you a clear breakdown on:

  1. What needs further review.
  2. What requires amending.
  3. What gaps exist in your online presence.

Get started is with our free website analysis and health check.

It is our commitment, passion, professionalism, and expertise that has driven our success and growth. We believe it will continue to yield results for both our clients and our customers.

Gosford Quarries

“Our specification work also rose because people were finding our website much more user friendly and easily on organic search” 

Digital Marketing for Businesses is Evolving Quickly

Are you ranking well, obtaining leads AND increasing ROI? Succeeding in the digital domain is complex. It requires providing an exceptional consumer experience along every step of the customer journey(*2,3).

As online behaviours and customer needs change, so do the goals of SEO. For SEO to be effective, you must remain up to date with SEO requirements. Many of our clients discover that a website refresh (back-end coding and front-end design and content) is all they need for improving their online presence and rankings.

We are proud to see so many of our clients taking on the information and knowledge we have shared with them during their projects with us and applying what they have learnt well into the future.

Your Online Presence is an Extension of Your Physical Store or Office

Your online presence is just as important to nurture as your physical space. This is because more often than not, your website is visited by potential customers well before they contact or visit you.

75% of consumers use their phones to research a purchase before contacting a business or completing a transaction(*4).

Tailor-Made SEO and Digital Marketing Packages for Businesses

Are You a Start-Up or Newly Emerging Business?

For you, our tailor-made package may focus on introducing you to your local area (particularly if you are service driven i.e., plumbing, local distributor). Furthermore, your package may move you from just servicing your local area to your state and the country if applicable. We will help you build brand loyalty and relationships with your customers while simultaneously expanding daily growth and return on investment.

• Build a solid foundation for a long-lasting and credible online presence.
• Utilise inbound marketing to attract new leads and clients.
• Expand your reach and find new customers.
• Increase your distribution across state and country borders.
• Encourage return customers and loyalty to your brand.
• See your return on investment in black and white.

Are You an Existing Business Looking to Re-Brand or Refresh Your Online Presence?

Tailor-made packages for businesses with an existing online presence are built from a comprehensive SEO review and ‘health check’. From here, we can identify what is and is not working so you know exactly where to dedicate your time and budget.

• Expand your customer base.
• Match consumer behaviour and their differing expectations of marketing across country borders.
• Build and protect your online reputation.
• Create a seamless online customer experience across devices.
• Increase return on investment.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Our team of experts love the nitty-gritty and they will apply their skills to see your brand is protected and positively presented across your website, blog, and social media. Online reputation management is crucial for ongoing relationships with your customers and maintaining your page 1 Google ranking.

5 Things That What Makes Up a Successful Online Presence

Your online presence should:

  1. Be current and relevant to your customer base.
  2. Provide a seamless customer experience across every step of the customer journey.
  3. Be accessed from all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  4. Rank on page one of search results.
  5. Have a comprehensive SEO strategy in place.

Did you know that SEO is more effective than PPC?(*5) In other words, ranking on page one of Google search organically (not paying for an ad) attracts more clicks.


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