Social Media Management

You’ve probably heard the term before, but what is social media management, exactly? And how can it help promote your business?

There are many aspects of SEO, and social media management is one of them. It is the process of promoting a business through the use of the plethora of social media channels to increase brand awareness by putting a company in front of millions of users.

Social media is an umbrella term for all the sites that people use for online social interaction. For example, Twitter is used to allow users to share short messages of 140 characters or less, whereas Facebook can be used for an incredible variety of social networking such as sharing photographs and updates, managing events, and many more activities.

If you’ve ever wondered “what is social media management?” and not only if, but how it’s connected to search marketing, then read on…

How are Search Marketing and Social Media Management Connected?

These two forms of marketing share a common interest – discovery. Social media has a broad range of uses, and one of the main aspects is the ease of users discovering new information such as news stories, events, and updates from friends. This is how these marketing methods are related – discovery through social media is essentially a search activity. And what’s more, social interaction can help bolster SEO efforts, as each shared link contributes towards a site’s search engine ranking. Users often use social media platforms to search for content, effectively rendering these platforms as search engines in their own right due to the vast amount of information contained in them and the followers that use them.

Some examples of popular Social Media sites include:


And many more – there are currently around 450+ social media platforms being used by hundreds of millions of users, and this number is increasing every year. If you’re still wandering “what is social media marketing?” and how it can help you, the following tips can help to improve your social media engagement.

10 ways to improve your social media engagement

You’ve set up all of your social media accounts, created some great content, and clicked publish. But no one is engaging. This can be incredibly frustrating when you first start, but it’s all a part of the learning curve. It’s essential to learn what makes your audience excited and to use that in the content you publish.

Due to the social nature of social media management, it’s a great way to apply direct marketing methods. You can connect directly with your customers, and communicate one-on-one – an opportunity that can be capitalised upon. These tips will not only satisfy your curiosity if you’ve ever asked “what is social media management?”, but also help you to effectively implement a social media marketing campaign.

•Stop your Reader from Scrolling

Amid all the usual, uninteresting content and information social media users’ scroll through on their smart devices, it’s important to stand out and make them stop scrolling to read your content. By posting something they want to see, you can grab their attention and make them more likely to engage.

•Know why your customers are on social media

Each social media platform offers different styles of interaction and content feeds. For example, Facebook users have access to a lot of news feeds, so use Facebook to publish newsworthy content. Instagram is primarily photograph based, so update interesting photos that promote your message.

•Know what your readers do when not using social media

By knowing what your audience does away from their social media accounts, you can harness this information to better target your marketing. If you sell outdoor gear for dog lovers, think about publishing content with pictures of dogs in various outdoor scenarios.

•Humour Sells

Everyone loves a good laugh, which makes a better selling point than a traditional hard sell. Nobody likes to be sold to, so by incorporation humour into your posts, you’re more likely to get paying customers that will also share your posts.

•Encourage a reaction

Facebook’s launch of their ‘reactions’ – a new addition to their ‘like’ has created a whole new form of brand promotion that encourages user engagement. Instead of simply ‘liking’ posts (which can be inappropriate for certain occasions such as sad news), users are now able to also ‘love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’. These can be used to gauge the general feeling of a post, and can also be used to encourage user engagement.

•Use emojis to prompt users

The popularity of emojis can be used to set a certain tone to your posts. For instance, using a laughing emoji can show your audience your post is intended to be humorous before they’ve even fully read it.

•Use reactions for promotion

Simply asking for engagement can work if done well. You could ask for engagement by hosting a competition, and award users for clicking ‘love’ instead of like.

•Ask for reviews

You can’t reward users for reviewing your business on social media platforms, but instead you can use Facebook reactions as a form of review. For example, you could share blog post about a certain topic and ask users to react honestly using Facebook’s new reactions.

•Create intrigue

This is a great way to not only encourage engagement, but also improve your SEO. User engagement means more clicks, and more clicks means increased search engine rankings. Although now considered spam, and nowhere near as efficient as they once were, click bait articles were once a great example of creating intrigue.

•Share some data

Web users love facts. Providing survey results or other interesting data can encourage user engagement through their curiosity. Teasers on social media can draw people to your website to find the answers.

•Unveil any new products

Exclusivity can encourage user engagement, as people love to be the first to know about a new product or news update, and share it with their friends.

•Provide something for free

People love free stuff, so create intrigue among your audience by giving something away by signing up to your email list.

•Live Video Streaming

The combined elements of video – movement, imagery, audio and even text can serve as an eye-catching recipe for user engagement. Live streaming can be a great way to convey a message, while also creating the important element of trust.

If you were thinking “what is social media management?”, how it can help your business, and how to implement it, you should be well informed by now. Social media management offers a wealth of opportunities to engage with your audience, create trust, and draw web users from their various social media networks towards tour website. This not only generates more leads and potential business, but increases your search engine ranking, which contributes to even more leads. But without user engagement, social media marketing is ineffective – so be sure to entertain your audience.

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